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Our brass instruments have always been some of our most popular band instruments. The allure of brass instruments is undeniable and the soulful cry of a tenor saxophone is certainly unmistakable. Whether you are searching for band instruments for the beginner or a tenor saxophone for a professional, each of our brass instruments are crafted to the highest standards and are offered at simply unbeatable prices. Our alto saxophones, soprano sax and tenor saxophone each feature full rib, solid brass bodies. In addition to their superior craftsmanship and their quality features, we have decided to include a free hard-shell case with every sax we sell.

Like all of our instruments from our alto saxophones to our guitars, each Simba product comes with our 14-day "no play, no pay" satisfaction guarantee. We work hard to ensure that our customer service meets or exceeds every customer's expectations. Buy your brass instruments today and find out for yourself why Simba Products is quickly becoming the place to buy band instruments online.

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 SS-50 Soprano Sax w/Case
  • Full rib brass body with gold lacquer finish.
  • Drawn and annealed bell.
  • White imitation mother of pearl key inlays.
  • Pads with metal resonators.
  • Includes reed.
  • Curved and straight necks for Mellow and Unrestrained Air Flow.
  • ABS mouthpiece with plastic storage protector.
  • Power forged lacquered brass keys with steel springs.
  • Adjustable low C#, G# and Bb.
  • Auxiliary high F# key.
  • Saxophone neck strap.
  • Plush hard shell ABS case.

MSRP - $ 660.00

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