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Whether you are just beginning to play guitar or you are a seasoned professional, it is hard to beat the natural sound and feel of our high end acoustic guitars. Our guitar store offers acoustic guitars that are high-quality instruments designed for superior acoustics. With several models to choose from, finding a beginning guitar, jazz guitar or other 6-string guitar has never been easier or more affordable.

Copley acoustic guitars are some of the best acoustic guitars available. Made from durable and elegant materials like rosewood, spruce and mahogany, each 6-string guitar is carefully crafted for years of enjoyment. While our lower priced beginning guitar models are perfect for younger students who are just launching their guitar playing careers, our high-end solid top and all solid 6-string guitar models have enough character to please even a jazz guitar master. Place your order from our guitar store today and, with enough practice, maybe you too will become a jazz guitar master.

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 CA-890CE Acoustic Guitar
Please check out the quality and craftsmanship of this fine instrument. COPLEY GUITARS is a Nashville, TN based company that is known for it's flawless custom instruments. This is an excellent full sized slim body design made to fit the smaller framed players! Comes in the maroon/cherry translucent finish with active electronics! COMES WITH AN UNBELIEVABLE HARD MOLDED VINYL SHELL CASE. Copley guitars come with an excellent parts and labor warranty! If you have any questions please contact John at 615-366-9007 during normal business hours.

MSRP - $ 279.00

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